Instruction guide / Security

The Mermaid Tail is not a swimming aid, it is a sports device.

Prerequisite is safe swimming without aids.

1) Attach the included neoprene protective caps as shown in the picture on the right and then pull the tail over the monofin. Make sure that you secure the seam of the tail firmly with your fingers, so that the tension does not damage the seam. Do not forget to stick the tape - this was delivered together with the neoprene caps! We recommend to prepare these steps already at home.

Richtig anziehen
2) Please note when putting on the monofin, you should be on a non-slip surface next to the edge of the pool. Check out our shop, here you will find the MJSS mat for this purpose. Sit down on the mat and follow the instructions in the next steps. Please never stand. First, roll down the tail to get to the entry openings of the monofin. 


3) Grasp with two fingers of both hands in the foot pocket under the neoprene seams - make sure to go with your fingers inside deep, but never tearing it. Now slide with your foot in the foot pocket until it is completely inside. Sometimes it makes relief when you 'crawl' into the foot pocket with your toes. Take time for this step - you will see, with a little practice it will be easy.

Neopren Fussteil richtig angezogen

4) The monofin is sitting properly when the neoprene foot straps are over the ankle. See adjacent picture for a better orientation. The foot straps should fit like a well-fitting garter at the ankle. Please remember not to pull or tear on the neoprene foot straps, always open with two fingers below the seam to enter.

Nunui Knöchel Befestigungsband

5) In the case of the Nunui monofin, the footbands should also be tightened and fixed. The Nunui monofin is meant for adults and teenagers. The footbands provide a better grip. Simply pull the loose end of the strap through the buckle and fix the foot strap with the small clamp. For safety reasons the footbands are not used for the Kids monofin - the Keiki.

Kostüm hochziehen

6) Now pick up the heels slightly and roll up the tail over the knee to the thigh. Make sure that the tail is not twisted. Always stay with the tail and the monofin on a non-slip surface such as our MJSS mat. Please also remember not to get up while wearing the monofin and tail to avoid damage.

Auf den Rücken legen

7) Now, to put on the mermaid tail, lie down on your back with your legs bent, raise your buttocks and pull up the tail. Position yourself in such a way that you lie with the monofin and also with the body on a non-slip surface to avoid slipping. Be careful not to bump your head.

Ready to go

8) Sit up again and turn the mermaid tail to the water. Now let yourself be carefully slipped into the water - someone can gladly help you with this. Be careful not to touch hard surfaces, as contact with the bottom and the edge of the pool can cause damage on the tail and fin.


Use an MJSS mat to protect against hard ground.

Tighten your mermaid tail directly on the edge of the pool.

Never get up or jump with the mermaid tail.

Never swim alone with the mermaid tail.

Always keep enough distance to the other bathers with the mermaid tail.

Do not let anyone untrained swim with your mermaid equipment.

Air mattress, car hose or rubber animals offer you no security.


Do not immerse others. 

Cool down before you go into the water.

Do not overestimate your strength and your ability.

Watch your surroundings while diving.

Do not go into open waters unaccompanied.

In thunderstorms swimming is life-threatening. Leave the water immediately, if you feel cold.

Do not bathe where ships and boats go.

Never bathe with a full or empty stomach.

Never call for help if you are not really in danger, but help others if they need help.

"We recommend not to use the mermaid tail in lakes, rivers or in the sea. Currents, cloudy water or driftwood pose a great danger. The entry into the water by the beach, embankments or shallow shores is considerably more difficult. Traces of use caused by non-compliance with our recommendations are excluded from the guarantee."

The MJSS Team