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We are convinced that for safety reasons training in mermaid swimming is necessary. For this reason the MJSS Academy was founded. MJSS and its partners aim to professionalize the mermaid sport. The focus is on safety and the right swimming technique in combination with the emotional experience!

The concepts, insights, lessons and courses described here have been developed by MJSS. In Switzerland, a separate module ( has been developed in cooperation with For safety reasons, we recommend that people who want to teach mermaid swimming should have a sound education in children's swimming.

MJSS Academy

The participants acquire the basics to carry out taster lessons, trick lessons and shootings professionally with consideration of all relevant points in theory and practice.

The participants acquire the knowledge for the implementation of 5 - 10 advanced lessons as a series of courses. The participants apply the 5 basic techniques with different variations and work on their personal skills in handling the material.

Are selected trainers who train Mermaid Trainers in the name of MJSS! A list and contact details of the existing Mermaid Trainers & Master Trainers can be found online in your login.