Care instructions:

To keep your mermaid costume looking great for as long as possible, we recommend washing it by hand with a little mild soap and lukewarm water after swimming. This will keep the color bright for longer; because chlorine and salt water, machine washing and direct sunlight always fade a little. If the costume should still be washed in the washing machine, an easy-care wash program (30 degrees / speed around 600) and the use of mild or wool detergent is suitable. You can simply rinse the monofin with neoprene foot part with water. It is not necessary to separate the foot part from the fin. The fin can be set up to dry. However, direct sunlight should be avoided, otherwise the fin will fade quickly and the plastic may become brittle and fragile. The mermaid tail/monofin is not a swimming aid but a piece of sports equipment. Prerequisite is safe swimming without aids.

Pull the mermaid costume over the monofin. Make sure that you hold the stitching of the mermaid costume with your fingers so that it is not damaged by the stretching.

To put on the mermaid tail, the costume must be rolled down so far that the openings of the monofin are visible. Then sit down next to the edge of the pool on a non-slip surface (for example, the MJSS protection mat) and follow the next steps of these instructions.

Reach into the openings with two fingers each. Make sure that you only stretch them open and do not tear them. Now you can slip your foot into the foot pocket. Take your time with this step - you will see that with a little practice it will quickly become easier.

The monofin is properly seated when the neoprene foot straps fit over your ankles like a well-fitting elastic waistband. Please remember to never pull or tear the neoprene foot straps, but always carefully stretch them open with two fingers below the seam.

Now lift up your heels slightly and pull the costume up over your knees to your thighs. Make sure that the costume does not twist. Always stay on your non-slip surface and never stand up with the mermaid tail. This will protect you from falling and prevent damage to the monofin and mermaid costume.

To finish putting on the mermaid fin, we recommend that you lie on your back with your legs bent. Then lift your bum and pull the mermaid costume up to your waist.

Once your costume is properly adjusted, you can sit up and carefully slide into the water. Someone can also help you with this. Be careful to avoid all contact with hard surfaces, as contact with the bottom and the edge of the pool can cause wear and tear on the monofin and costume.


  • Put on your mermaid tail at the edge of the water on a soft surface.
  • Always keep enough distance from the other swimmers.
  • Do not stand up and jump with the mermaid tail.
  • Do not let anyone untrained swim with your equipment.

We recommend not to use the mermaid tail/monofin in the lake, rivers or the sea. Currents, murky water or floating wood represent a great danger. It is difficult to enter the water on beaches, embankments and shallow shores. Signs of use caused by non-compliance with our recommendations are excluded from the warranty.