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Monofins for mermaid swimming

Jana and Melusina have bought MJSS monofins in different colours in the premium mermaid online shop of MJSS. Immediately they notice the beautiful bright colors. With the monofins the two can swim also without mermaids costume. The flippers are available for adults as well as for children. Due to the separate foot pockets, the low weight and the sturdy plastic, mermaids can quickly learn to swim with the monofin. For the mermaid tails (monofin and mermaid costume) there are matching mermaids costumes in high-quality design in the shop.

Swimming fin for children and adults

Once again it is a beautiful day, which pleases both the air folk and the water folk with their mermaid tails more than well. The sun is shining and this always means that the day will be exciting because Melusina and Jana meet at the mermaid swimming school. The monofin can be swum in two different versions. The most obvious difference between the Keiki and Nunui is the size. The monofin Keiki for children is suitable for mermaids or mermen with a shoe size of EU 30-38. The matching mermaids costumes are M, L and XL. With 630g and a size of 42x47x3 cm she is, as shown, smaller and lighter than her big sister the Nunui monofin. The Nunui adult fin is suitable for shoe sizes from EU 38-43. The dimensions are 55x59x3 cm and the weight is a light 1070g. Matching are the mermaids costumes JS, JM and JL. Both fins can be used by children and adults. The monofins are made of high quality, flexible and stable plastic. In addition, the swimming fins stand out from the competition with their light weight, so that children and adults can quickly learn how to use the sports equipment.

Monoflossen Keiki and Nunui Sun Tails

Today, however, it should be anything but planned. Jana sat with her new monofin and the flippers on Melusina's favourite stone and waited for her friend from the water people. But Melusina didn't get into the flippers and Jana really started to worry about her monofin. She sat in the mermaid fin for a while because she simply enjoyed the sun and loved to watch the birds and fish during her morning ritual. She enjoyed the day in her mermaid fin. After a while, however, she considered swimming in her mermaid fin to MJSS World to see where Melusina stayed. As she was about to set off in the mermaid fin, a message in a bottle came up. She had never seen anything like it before and naturally wanted to know what it was.

She uncorked the bottle and found a piece of paper containing a strange language. Now it was even more important that she came to Melusina in her monofin and flippers. She swung with her mermaid fin and monofin from the stone and swam to MJSS World. 

Monofin for swimming

Since it was already like her second home, she could quickly orient herself with the mermaid fin and set off. She mastered the swimming fin or mermaid fin better and better and so it didn't take long until she was close to the city border thanks to the mermaid fin. Even before she could enter the place with her flippers, she witnessed Melusina arguing with someone in her own mermaid fin. Of course she wanted to have a direct explanation of what was going on and so she swam with her flippers and the monofin directly in Melusina's direction. When she saw her arrive with her mermaid fin, she suddenly disappeared. The second person remained perplexed and looked at Melusina in her flippers. 

Jana with her flippers, however, wanted clarification. She swam in the flippers to the person and noticed that it was a man in the most beautiful monofin she had ever seen. Jana really liked this man's monofin and briefly distracted her. But then she remembered and asked what had happened? In his mermaid fin the sea man explained to her that his name was Marcelo. He had written a message in a bottle to Melusina because he wanted to meet her. He wanted to try her flippers together today, but Melusina refused because she already had an appointment with Jana in the new Monoflosse. Jana could not understand that at all. But she knew what was behind it. Because Melusina basically took dates seriously. She certainly did not want to leave Jana alone. 

So Jana swam to Melusina's house with the monofin, which was a mermaid fin to swap. She wanted to know if Melusina liked the Meermann. Melusina admitted that she liked Marcelo. She said she knew him from the flippers course and they both liked that course. Because they were getting closer. Nevertheless it was clear to Melusina that no man would come between her and her friend Jana. On top of that, they had arranged to meet today to test the monofin. But Jana calmed Melusina down and said they could test the monofin with the three of them. They did and it was a wonderful day for all three of them.