On the safe side with Sun Tail's Mer-Shields!

24.05.2021 10:00

If you're reading this, you sure own one of our mermaid fins or are planning on getting get one. If you're still unsure, I'll tell you one thing... it's worth it! If you also like to swim and you know how to swim like a dolphin, then I recommend you to start with Mermaiding. Sure, it's a bit more difficult than the normal swimming, since you have your legs close together. But since you are using more strength, it also has a great effect on your body. On the other hand, you'll just have fun and you can also perform a variety of tricks with our mermaid trick cards, alone or with friends!

But beware, these fins are not swimming aids, but more like flotation devices. That means, even if you can swim very well, you should only go into the water under the supervision of an adult. It is also recommended to attend a Mermaiding course. There you will learn how to properly handle the mermaid fin in the water, how to best swim with it and much more. We used to offer such courses in partnership with swimsports.ch for our little mermaids and mermen, but unfortunately the courses were paused because of this whole pandemic. 

Back to the main topic... if you are a proud owner of one of these mermaid fins, you have surely noticed that there is a foil-like protection on the top two corners of the fin. This is the so-called Mer-Shield, which Sun Tail has developed for the protection of their beautiful mermaid fins. 

Hawaiian Rainbow with Mer-Shield Coating

It is also worth mentioning that we offer two different "types" of mermaid fins. Those that completely cover the monofin underneath with the costume and those where you see the top two corners of the monofin. In a future blog I will compare the two mermaid fin "types" for you and also mention the advantages of each!

Hawaiian Rainbow mermaid fin

Hawaiian Rainbow

This mermaid fin where the monofin is completely covered is part of the Set classic!

Mystic Purple mermaid fin

Mystic Purple

This mermaid fin where you can see the two top corners of the monofin is part of the Set style!

So, please excuse the constant switching... I'm not good at this storytelling thing. I always swerve away from the actual topic and tell something else. In a way I like that though, because it gives it more character I think. What do you think? 

The Mer-Shield protective foils from Sun Tail are attached to the mermaid fins with heat. Since they then sit much better on the mermaid fin, the films protect your fin optimally! All mermaid fins that you can find in our assortment already have the protective foils on them. The real reason why we started using these Mer-Shields were our courses at that time. You can already imagine why: In an indoor pool full of playing kids you can't always keep an eye on your mermaid fin. To keep the beautiful mermaid costume from rubbing against the floor or pool walls, we decided to cover the top two corners of the costume with these protective foils. 

Mermaid fins with Mer-Shield Coating

Our mermaid fins with Mer-Shields

All of our mermaid fins already have the "Mer-Shield Coating" on them. Here is a small selection which hangs in our showroom. But of course there are many more... Click on the picture above, go to our online store and browse through our huge assortment of mermaid fins!

Our mermaid fins with the Mer-Shield protective foils are really brilliant! Because thanks to the transparency of the Mer-Shield foils, the beauty of your costume is preserved and no one will ever notice that you have a protective foil on it. Unless you tell someone, then the mermaid secret is blown. No... just kidding! They won't even believe you because you can't see anything. These protective foils are also waterproof and cut in a generous size so that no tiny part of your costume peeks out. 

There is a video from Sun Tail on YouTube, where the durability of your costume is shown in 3 different ways: once without protection, once with protective stickers and then again with the Mer-Shields. A so-called "Durability Test" is performed. In the video you can see how the costume with these 3 options is rubbed back and forth on a rough brick. The results are as follows: Without protection, you can rub the costume back and forth around 70 times until it has a hole in it or is thinned out. With the protective stickers, it's a bit more... 105 times. And here's the bomb! With Sun Tail's Mer-Shields, you can actually rub the costume a full 335 times on a rough surface until the Mer-Shield slowly starts to come off. Isn't that awesome? And by rubbing, I don't just mean lightly fumbling around, but really hard. This means that the costume itself will last a long time without the protection. But with Sun Tail's Mer-Shield, the life of your mermaid fin is extended an incredible 265 times. 

I've added the video below. Watch it and see for yourself the incredible power of Mer-Shield protective foils! 

I have been working in our MJSS showroom for a year now and I must say that I have really never seen a costume that was torn at the corners. It's all thanks to this super invention, the Mer-Shields! Thanks to the Mer-Shields, which are located on the top two corners of your mermaid costume and the monofin underneath, your entire mermaid fin is much sturdier and stronger. Another reason to be more careful with it and not hit others in the face with it right away. Of course there are other reasons not to do that haha ;-) This reason just adds to it! 

In addition, it's much easier to put your mermaid costume over the monofin. Without the Mer-Shield protective foils, you'll have to grab a lot more fabric and pull it over the fin. Then, of course, you have to move the corners back and forth a bit to get the costume to fit properly on the monofin. With the Mer-Shields, however, you can grab the fabric of your costume better and don't have to look extra afterwards to make sure it fits properly. Since the fabric is then under a thicker layer, you can easily grab this Mer-Shield layer and just pull the costume over the fin. And voila... it fits perfectly!

Now you know about our mermaid fins and their brilliant Mer-Shield Coating from Sun Tail! Here below I have added two more buttons for you. One will take you directly to the mermaid fin sets, which are available with monofin and either with or without bikini. The other one will take you to our pure mermaid costumes. These are perfect if you already have the monofin, for example, and the costume is too small for you now. So click on the button that interests you the most and go directly to our online store! 

If I can just tell you one more thing: I've had one of our mermaid fins on myself before. Thinking quickly... hmm I think it was the Blue Lagoon. One of our best sellers. The mermaid fin is super comfortable and your feet sit great in the neoprene foot pocket of the monofin. If you want to know more about this neoprene foot pocket, then read our blog I wrote for you: Monofin with a neoprene foot pocket - for a safe and comfortable swim!

What I'm actually saying is (and now you see we're back to the storytelling theme I told you about in one of the top paragraphs) that I had no trouble putting the costume over the monofin, because as I said, I was able to grab that thick layer and pull it over. So... I hope this whole blog wasn't too much of a back and forth switching for you.  Bye and until the next blog. And till then, take care of yourself!

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