Our MJSS shell dive toys - an own development!

12.04.2021 10:00

We developed our playful shell dive toys from MJSS ourselves. I will introduce them to you in this blog!

When we were designing and developing our shell dive toys, this was the question going around in our heads: "What is the trademark accessory of a mermaid?" Of course, we then quickly came up with shells. But we wanted to design them in a special way. And in a way that you can take the shell into the water and play with it. Then, all of a sudden, our team came up with a brilliant idea!

"Let's make a kind of diving shell. A shell that you throw into the water and it sinks. You can then dive after it." That's how our MJSS shell dive toys came into existence. You can combine the MJSS shell dive toys individually from two separately available shell halves and a connecting ring. Our shell dive toys are made of a food-safe, certified plastic. They sink quickly in the water thanks to the dense material. The plastic we used for our shell dive toys is super grip resistant. After all, you want to be able to grip the shell halves well at the bottom of the pool, don't you? The shell halves fit perfectly in any swim bag thanks to their compact size: it's actually only 13 cm wide, 10 cm long and 2.5 cm high!  

And it's really like that... when you take the shell half in your hand, you notice first how light it is. The plastic it's made of (and I'm telling you this from experience) is really grippy. Even if the plastic is wet, because you just took the shell half out of the pool, the plastic of the shell dive toy will not start to slip in your hand. The shell is waterproof.

MJSS Shell Dive Toys

As I mentioned above, you can connect the shell halves with a connecting ring (O-ring) to form a single shell dive toy. The shell halves are available individually and in 4 different colors. So you can combine your shell dive toys individually according to your wishes. Furthermore, it is packed in a nice compact box. You can also store your shell half with the packaging well in a backpack. The box is made of cardboard and is only a little wider than the shell half itself. On the front you see a mermaid that wants to grab the shell half. The color of the shell half on the box matches that of the shell half itself. And on the side you can see how to assemble a shell dive toy with the connecting rings.  

In the video below we show you again how to connect the shell halves correctly. Watch the video and try it out right away!

And now the ultimate news! Our shell dive toys are available from the summer of 2021 new in Migros. The MJSS Dive Shells will draw all your attention to them, because, they are put away in a nice box. Called Shell Dive Toy Display Boxes.  They resemble a small display stand that you can put on the shelf. These Shell Dive Toy Display Boxes can hold up to 20 shell halves along with their packaging. And the absolute eyecatcher: On top of the box is a topper! On the topper is written very large "Shell Dive Toy" on it, surrounded by four diving shells. Each in a color in which the shells are actually available. You will be able to see our shell dive toys from far away thanks to the topper. 

Shell Dive Toy Display for 2x10 shell halves
Shell Dive Toy Display topper


Our MJSS shell dive toys are unique and you can use them in several ways. In this part of my blog you will be shown different ideas how to use them for ultimate fun in the water or even on land! 

O-Ring connecting rings

O-Ring connecting rings

Click on this image and go directly to the connecting rings. 

Individual shell dive toy

Combine your own shell dive toy! 

Mermaid Jewelry


Place a pearl or our beautiful mermaid jewelry in the center to make your shell dive toy resemble a real seashell. 

Our MJSS diving shells have a certificate for our own patent. Isn't that wonderful? A patent is nothing more than a protective right for one's own invention. Don't worry, I only learned this in school last year. We are currently studying the subject of law, where I learn what rights a person or a company has in Switzerland, but also what obligations. So, enough about school. After all, this is not about school, but about our patented shell dive toys! Since the shell dive toys are our own invention & development, they must be protected against the use of third parties. But this does not mean that the use for our customers is not allowed.  

But our MJSS diving shells also have another purpose. One is to play and dive in the water, and the other is to learn through play! With the help of our mermaid trick cards this works perfectly. The trick cards are cards that have fun and cool tricks on them. You can do them alone or with friends in the water. The trick cards are waterproof. So you can take them into the water without any problems. And that's where our super shell dive toy comes into play again: To prevent the cards from floating away in the water, you simply attach them to the back of one half of the shell with an O-ring connecting ring. 

Mermaid trick cards

So, the shell dive toys from MJSS are not only a nice accessory made of high quality plastic, but are also there for you to have fun in the water. From leisurely splashing and diving, to playful learning with our waterproof trick cards. 

Our waterproof trick cards are available in two languages: German and English! If you have English classes at school, you are welcome to buy the trick cards in English. Then you will have fun and get better in English too. Isn't that great?  

The trick cards have two functions, making them 2-in-1. As I said, you can do the fun tricks that are on the cards. Or you can play a card game. The trick cards come with a small game manual for use in the water and also at home, and also come in a small, handy and waterproof storage box for safe transport. For a game of cards with your family at the table, you'll still need the separately available supplies. The blue game coin, which shows a mermaid on the front and of course the game board. 

Click on the picture to get to our products. If you then scroll down a bit, you will see the whole game instructions explained again! ;) 

These trick cards are really great! In addition to tricks, there are also simple cards where you can give yourself a bit of a break. Namely, these are cards where it says to take a group photo or give your friends a high 5. Now at this time of year we would say, "a corona fist bump." Not the same...but fun too!

Trick cards game

Looking for a fun card game to play with your whole family during this tedious corona time? Then get our MJSS mermaids trick cards now together with the game board and the Melusina game coin, stay at home and look forward to the absolute family fun... or should I say "mermaid fun"! 

Discover all 4 beautiful colors of our MJSS shell dive toys on www.mjss.ch or by clicking on the pictures and get ready for a "splashing" fun in the water! Be it in the bathtub at home or in the swimming pool. But you have to be patient with the swimming pool. On the one hand we have to wait for nicer weather (which hopefully will be soon), and on the other hand they are temporarily closed due to the covid19 pandemic. With a little hope and the observance of the measures of the FOPH, we can soon return to our normal life. 

Connect two shell halves, whether with your siblings or friends, and see what an adorable shell dive toy you can bring together.  

Shell half pink

Shell half pink

Shell half purple

Shell half purple

Shell half turquoise

Shell half turquoise

Shell half blue

Shell half blue

PS: Don't forget, in the summer of 2021, our diving shells will join the Migros assortment... that's pretty soon! Keep an eye out for them and grab your favorite color. Also, check out the display boxes I told you about and leave a comment telling me how you like them! 

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