The mermaid fin sets Classic x Style in comparison

24.06.2021 10:00

The mermaid fin sets Classic x Style in comparison†

As promised in the last blog, in this one I'm introducing you to our two mermaid fin sets... and they're called: Classic and Style!†

In our assortment, there are actually two different "types" of mermaid fins. You can either buy just the beautiful mermaid costume, or you can buy the set right away. The set includes the costume and the monofin with the super comfortable neoprene foot pocket. If you are interested in why this foot pocket is so great, I recommend you to read the blog I wrote especially for you. I will link it here for you again: Monofin with a neoprene foot pocket - for a safe and comfortable swim! So, back to the topic! In the set, you can then decide if you want the matching bikini to go with it or not. There are two different sets, the set Classic and the set Style. You are probably more familiar with the set Classic than the set Style. But that doesn't matter! Because, our sets Style were created not so long ago.††

From here on, I'll explain the difference between these two sets and also why we decided to create the other mermaid fins.††

Mermaid fin Bali Blush

Mermaid fin Bali Blush

This beautiful mermaid fin belongs to the set Classic. You can tell because the monofin under the costume is completely covered with fabric.††

Mermaid fin Mystic Purple

Mermaid fin Mystic Purple

This beautiful mermaid fin is part of the set Style. You can tell because the top two corners of the costume have no fabric and you can see the corners of the monofin.†

The biggest difference between our two mermaid fin sets is that the monofin you wear on your feet is completely covered with the beautiful fabric of the costume in the set Classic mermaid costumes. In the set Style mermaid costumes, on the other hand, you can see the top two corners of your monofin. The Style costumes are open at the bottom corners. Let me explain why:†

Before the pandemic came into play, our team gave mermaid swimming courses in partnership with There you learned how to handle the fin properly, how to swim best with it and of course you had a lot of fun... we can't forget that, can we? Back to the matter at hand: unfortunately the courses are paused at the moment due to this difficult situation. We hope to resume the courses soon!††

In an indoor pool full of playing kids, it's hard to keep an eye on your mermaid fin all the time. Constantly rubbing your mermaid costume against the floor of the indoor pool or the walls of the pool can quickly cause the costume to thin out after a long time at the bottom corners, where the monofin is. That's why we thought of a variation where you have control and that definitely doesn't happen. That's when the idea came to us! "Let's design a costume that has no fabric at the bottom of the two most fragile corners"! That sounded like a brilliant idea. Our graphic designer then started drawing a costume with open corners. In the end, we had the template of our current style mermaid costumes.† †

Nowadays, however, our Classic Mermaid Costumes all have a foil-like protection on the top two corners. The so called Mer-Shields are the ingenious invention of Sun Tail. Sun Tail is the producer of these premium mermaid fins and is located in Idaho, in the United States. Read the blog I wrote for you. It is all about the Mer-Shields: On the safe side with Sun Tail's Mer-Shields!†

The monofin itself is super sturdy and built from strong plastic. This means that since the costume has no fabric on the monofin, you don't have to worry about anything happening. There are also two sizes of the monofins. The monofin you see below is called KEIKI. The KEIKI monofin consists of the fin and the neoprene foot pocket. Remember. I linked the blog about the foot pocket for you at the very beginning! It is suitable for children who have the shoe size EU 30 to and including the shoe size EU 38.††

KEIKI monofin lavender
KEIKI neoprene foot pocket

This monofin that you now see pictured below this paragraph is called NUNUI. The NUNUI monofin also consists of the fin and the neoprene foot pocket. It is suitable for young adults who have shoe size EU 38 or more. The NUNUI monofin is larger than its sister KEIKI and also a little bit heavier.†

NUNUI monofin lavender
NUNUI neoprene foot pocket

In most sets you can choose between two monofin colors. But you can choose with every set if you want the matching bikini or not. For every mermaid costume we have the matching bikini. The pattern is exactly the same as your costume. You can tie the bikini top in the back. That is, depending on the, you can simply tie it tighter or leave it looser!††

Mermaid bikini Bali Blush

Mermaid bikini Bali Blush

Here you can see the mermaid bikini Bali Blush, which is worn by one of our pretty models. The sea behind her has a super cool and beautiful color!†

Mermaid bikini Blue Lagoon

Mermaid bikini Blue Lagoon

Here you can see the Mermaid bikini Bali Blush again and the Mermaid bikini Blue Lagoon. These two pretty models are just enjoying a sunbath!

So, now you've gotten some info on our monofins and bikinis. Back to the mermaid fins: As I said before, we have two mermaid fin "types", and these are the Classics and the Styles! I also explained the differences and told you why we designed the Styles in the first place. The Classics have a foil-like protection on the top corners. These are the so-called Mer-Shields.†

These really give your Classic costumes an extra life! I'm including a video below from Sun Tail where they do a "Durability Test". Durability Test means nothing more than "longevity test". The video is already in the blog I linked you to at the beginning. But to avoid having to "switch" back and forth and watch it here as well, it's here again:†

Unbelievable! In the video you can see how the mermaid fin is rubbed back and forth on a rough brick. Psst: By the way, the mermaid fin is the Aurora Borealis. Anyway... you're be shown two different methods of protecting the mermaid costume and what they each do. First up is the bare costume. The amazing thing is actually that your costume will last a very long time even without protection. In the video you can see that it is rubbed firmly back and forth on this rough brick a full 70 times before the costume starts to thin out. Next comes protection stickers. This goes on a little longer. Because, only after the 105th time the stickers start to come off. As they say: The best comes at the end! Now you see the already mentioned Mer-Shields. You see... the costume is rubbed back and forth an incredible 335 times and nothing happens.††

What were you able to take from the video? Exactly! That the costume itself is already long-lasting. Now the life of your mermaid fin will be extended by an incredible 265 times. All thanks to the ingenious Mer-Shields from Sun Tail!†

With the Styles, you don't have to worry at all. Since they have no fabric on the corners, nothing can happen. As I said, the monofin itself is very sturdy. I can tell you that from experience. I work in our showroom and I also pack some of the orders that we receive in our online store. Accordingly, I have had many monofins in my hand. When you hold it in your hand, you notice that it is sturdily built. To make it easy for you to swim with the monofin, it is very flexible, yet not too light. Order your mermaid fin Style today. In the summer you will gain total attention with it, because no one else has such an individual mermaid fin!†

Mermaid fin Mystic Purple

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