Metis' Immersion Live Challenge - An unforgettable event!

12.11.2021 10:00

Metis' Immersion Live Challenge... that's the name of an unforgettable event that took place on August 21 this year. Hosted by us and our dear partner and reseller Cindy Guyot!

This wonderful event took place in Orbe, a small commune in the heart of the canton of Vaud. French-speaking Switzerland, also called Romandie, is beautiful. I have been there a few times. But on the day of the event it was really beautiful; we were very lucky with the weather, cuz' if we are honest, we had a not so great summer this year! Let's hope it will be better next year;)

We were happy to see 24 fully motivated participants.. They couldn't wait to finally get in the water and start swimming. A huge thank you to everyone who was a part of Metis' Immersion Live Challenge. You guys are awesome! Our mermaid fins came in for a super use. We hope that the winners were happy about the prizes, as we were happy when we received this picture;) It turned out to be a really great picture and even better.... a great memory for later! Also for us the mermaid event was an unforgettable and magical moment. 

Of course, the biggest thank you goes to Cindy Guyot! Thank you for helping us put on this great event. We hope for a better summer next year so we can do more events like this.

>> In partnership with >> Métisphère Suisse Mermaid, Schweizer Unterwasser-Sport-Verband SUSV, Military Megastore and Panathlon International

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