Disney's Arielle, the little Mermaid

21.10.2020 15:35
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The Disney fans among you can really look forward to 2021! The classic "Arielle, the little Mermaid" will be remade and will be released for the first time in 2021. The young actress Halle Bailey will be the main character, better said Arielle. The filming is very similar to the original version from 1989...but is no longer an animated film. Arielle's familiar characters include the fish Fabius, the crab Sebastian and the gull Scuttle. With them, Arielle can talk about everything and everybody and the 4 love each other more than anything! I don't want to tell you too much, so that you can watch the film with great anticipation. But here is a small excerpt of the film: 

Mermaid Arielle lives with her family in an underwater kingdom. Her father, King Triton, rules in this kingdom, which makes little Arielle one of the 11 official Disney princesses. The little mermaid is forbidden to enter the human kingdom (the land). But Arielle's curiosity does not let up and she breaks all the rules. One day she saves a human prince named Eric from a shipwreck and falls in love. In order to see him again, she sells her beautiful voice to the Sea Witch Ursula, and gets pretty legs in return. But Ursula doesn't let up and enters Eric's life with Arielle's voice. Since Eric only fell in love with her voice, he doesn't recognize the mute Arielle anymore...

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