Wil - Lidl sports park Bergholz

At Lidl sports park Bergholz you will find everything under one roof. The sports park in Wil offers recreational opportunities for all sporting needs, whether large or small, young or young-at-heart, intensive or leisurely - and this 364 days a year. The Lidl sports park Bergholz has a huge shop, where you can already see the products of MJSS when you walk in. Next to them, the mermaid tails from Sun Tails. Go there, enjoy the time and let yourself be consulted in the shop... and if you buy a mermaid tail from Sun Tails, complete your fin with products from MJSS. We kindly ask you to ask the sales department first about the existing offer and assortment.


Lidl sports park Bergholz
Wiler sport facilities AG
Feldstrasse 40
9500 Wil

+41 71 914 47 77

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