Opfikon - Leisure pool Opfikon

The leisure pool with the new indoor pool in Opfikon delights with the various attractions and the new facade. At the entrance of the indoor pool there is a large store, which you can already see from the outside. There you can find mermaid tails from Sun Tails and various products from MJSS. The leisure pool Opfikon has a large warm water bubble pool in the outdoor area, wellness area with sauna, steam bath etc. and of course a super cool indoor slide with various effects. Let yourself be fascinated and buy your mermaid tail from Sun Tails and products from MJSS. We kindly ask you to ask the sales department first about the existing offer and assortment.


Leisure pool Opfikon
Ifangstrasse 13
8152 Glattbrugg

+41 44 575 38 88

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