Our MJSS swimming products

28.07.2021 10:00

Of course there aren't only mermaid fins in our assortment! If you've ever visited our showroom or comfortably explored our online store, you've probably seen our wide selection of beautiful MJSS swimming products designed by us. You can match these swimming products with your mermaid fin to be fully equipped, or just like that. Different products in bright colors and highest quality are waiting for you. Join me through this blog to learn more about these products! In this blog I will introduce you to 3 of our swimming products. Stay active on our online store and look out for Part 2 ;) 

Our MJSS swimming products

So... let's start with a product that you definitely know. It's a swimming product that you can use to keep your hair out of your face while swimming. It also protects your hair from getting wet! Well, do you have an idea? You guessed it... it's a bathing cap! 

Our Mermaid Melusina bathing caps carry our beautiful MJSS logo. The Mermaid Melusina swim cap is made of high quality silicone, which reliably protects your hair from water while swimming. The silicone used for the bathing caps is very resistant and will last for a very long time. The silicone is very stretchy and flexible. Therefore, it perfectly adapts to your head shape, without that feeling of pressure. The bathing cap is available in a uniform, "one size" and measures 18.5 x 21.5 cm! On the front of the bathing cap, you'll see a beautiful mermaid pictured large. The mermaid you see there is called Melusina. Therefore, the name of the Mermaid Melusina bathing cap! There are three colors to choose from.  

  • blue... the deep blue color reflects our 7 gigantic oceans.
  • turquoise... the bright, slightly greenish color represents the seaweed and algae.
  • pink... it is not only a beautiful color, but also the favorite color of many children, but also teenagers.
Follow this button and go straight to our Mermaid Melusina bathing caps!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Mermaid Melusina Bathing Caps

After our beautiful, high-quality bathing cap comes now another product, which is used for example in swimming competitions together with the swim cap. But of course it can also be used alone. This product protects your eyes from the water. It is especially helpful at the beach, so that no salt water gets into the eye. Trust me, I've gotten so much salt water in my eye...and it burns terribly! So, did you find out what it is? That's right! The next product I'm going to introduce you to is a pair of swimming goggles. 

Our MJSS swimming goggles, suitable for children and youth, come in a practical, transparent protective plastic case that has our logo on the front. This protective cover is intended for storing your goggles after swimming, so that they are well protected. The MJSS swimming goggles are made of the finest silicone that does not allow water to enter and therefore protects your eyes optimally. You can adjust the fit of the goggles on the side of the head to fit your head shape, so that the goggles fit nicely during swimming and do not slip down. The best thing is that the goggles do not pinch! The goggles are quick to put on and take off... so you don't waste time in the pool and can jump right into the water! PS: they're also available in several colors. We have the perfect color for every mermaid fin. Discover our MJSS swimming goggles for kids and youth now! 

So... now we come to our third and last product that I will introduce to you in this blog. This product works in a similar way as the swimming goggles, but it's not for your eyes. In fact, it doesn't protect your eyes from the water, it protects your nose! Especially for competitive swimmers, this little thing can't be missing, as they are exposed to extreme water impacts. I must say, if you go swimming completely without anything, afterwards you have swallowed water, water in your eyes, in your nose and the most annoying of all, in your ears. If you have water in your ears, then you have a dull feeling in your ears all day long. I've had water in my ears so many times, I can't even count! Especially on vacation at the beach. Well... back to the topic. Do you have any idea what it could be yet? You don't? Then I'll tell you! It's a nose clip!

 The MJSS nose clip comes in a compact little box, which is meant for storage and transportation. It protects super effectively against water in the nose. Because I know how annoying that is! Our MJSS nose clip is made of high quality and has a soft rubber contact surface, so that it does not pinch. The MJSS nose clip is only available in one color, yet it matches all mermaid fins. Since the nose clip is very small, you can not see it and its color from afar.  

Go to our website by clicking on this button and order a MJSS nose clip today. You'll never have to deal with water in your nose again!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    MJSS nose clips

So, I have introduced you to 3 of our swimming products. On the one hand our Mermaid Melusina bathing cap, our MJSS swimming goggles and last but not least...our MJSS nose clip. These 3 products I have introduced you to are specially selected for you and made with the highest quality. The finest high quality silicone that the Mermaid Melusina swim cap and MJSS goggles are made of are super durable, resistant and will never let water in. They also sit comfortably on the skin and do not pinch at all thanks to the adaptability.   

Of course you'll find other swimming products on our website, which I have not introduced you to yet. I'll add a button so that you can go directly to all the swimming products. I hope you enjoyed the blog as much as I did! Leave a comment below telling us what you thought of today's blog. Maybe you have already had some experience with our high quality swimming products. Write that in the comment too. I'd like to see what you think of our MJSS swimming products. If you don't have one yet, it's high about time you ordered one. This is your chance!

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