Funny mermaid tricks for in the water!

09.12.2020 12:00
Mermaid Trickcards

Have you seen our mermaid trick cards? Then it's about time! These trick cards are perfect to take with you to the indoor pool or on vacation. They are specially designed for our mermaid swimming courses and are full of fun mermaid tricks that you can try alone or with friends in the water. But that's not all: the mermaid trick cards are waterproof so you can hold them underwater. You are probably wondering now how to fix the cards? After all, they float away. It's very simple! With one of our mermaid diving shells. The shells are always available in halves. Thanks to our connecting rings you can combine 4 different colors. You can also play our mermaid trick cards as a board game with one of our mermaid game token

What are you waiting for? Get your mermaid fin and mermaid trick cards now, and who knows, maybe a shell too...and have fun splashing around!

All you need!

Get the matching products to the mermaid trick cards and you are ready to go.

Mermaid Trick cards

Meremaid trick cards

Funny underwater tricks for you and your friends!

Trick cards Gameboard

Trick cards gameboard

Play on the Gameboard with your mermaid trick cards!

Melusina Game token

Melusina game token

Complete your game with the Melusina game token!

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