The stylish mermaid leggings from Sun Tail!

06.09.2021 10:00

Hello my dear ones! Welcome back to a new blog written especially for you. First, I'd like to know how your summer holidays were. What did you do? Did you even travel? I was in Mallorca. Mallorca is a popular destination and enchants with beautiful sandy beaches. This destination belongs to the Balearic Islands. This is a group of islands that belongs to Spain. I just love the Spanish culture and its language. Not to mention the Spanish cuisine. Mmm, just delicious! Leave a comment and tell me a little about your summer holidays. ¡Entonces, comenzamos! 

In this blog, I will introduce you to the beautiful mermaid leggings from Sun Tail that have a place in our assortment. You can actually go swimming with these leggings. Glide through the water while shimmering beautifully with one of these mermaid leggings. First of all, I'll tell you: you can choose between 4 colors, in which the mermaid fins are also available. That would be the Aurora Borealis, the Blue Lagoon, the Bali Blush and the Seven Seas! 4 stunning colors that shimmer and give you a real mermaid feeling. As well as on land as in the water. It's almost like you're wearing a mermaid fin. The only difference is that you don't have your legs as close together as with the mermaid fin.  

Highest quality

Product from Sun Tail

The mermaid leggings from Sun Tail are made of 80% polyester and 20% elastane. Elastane is a synthetically produced fiber, which is also called "spandex" in common language. Elastane, as its name says, is very elastic. Thanks to its flexibility and extreme stretch, the leggings fit your skin like a second skin. When you're wearing the leggings, it feels like you're wearing a swimsuit or bikini. Some hair ties are even made of elastane. Those colored hair ties that you can buy when on holiday in packs of 10 or even more. I'm sure you have hair ties like that at home. I love these hair ties, because thanks to the material they are very stretchy and adapt to any hair structure. For example, I have very thick hair. There are such black hair ties, which are not so stretchy. They are also not made of elastane. I can't get them around my hair. I've already split several of them, because my hair is just too thick! Well, back to the leggings. 

Die Meerjungfrauen Leggings von Sun Tail ist aber nicht nur fürs Schwimmen gut. Diese Leggings kannst du wie normale Leggings unter einem T-Shirt oder einem Hoodie anziehen. Heutzutage im Trend ist oversized Kleidung. Das sind zum Beispiel Hoodies, die grösser sind und lockerer sitzen. Diese sehen dann getragen etwas übergross aus uns geben dir auch diesen Look. Ich habe sehr viele oversized Kleidung zuhause. Sie sind einfach bequem und sehen auch gut aus! Von Hoodies über T-Shirts, die man als Kleid anziehen kann. Du kannst zum Beispiel die Meerjungfrauen Leggings Bali Blush, die in wunderschöner lila Farbe glänzt, mit einem weissen oversized Hoodie anziehen. Das sieht sehr stylish aus. Oder an warmen Sommertagen mit einem oversized T-Shirt. 

Mermaid leggings Bali Blush

Mermaid leggings Bali Blush

Wear the mermaid leggings from Sun Tail for swimming or for a fancy dinner ;)



Combine your mermaid leggings with a monofin when you don't feel like having your legs so close together!

Take your mermaid leggings with you when you go on holidays and wear them at the pool or at the beach. You will attract all eyes on you! Thanks to the 80% polyester and 20% elastane blend, the leggings are very breathable and won't make you sweat even on super hot summer days. Like I said... it feels like you're wearing a swimsuit or bikini. Glide through the water like a real little mermaid and explore the waves. I love swimming in the ocean. It's a little cold at first. But once you're in, you don't want to get out anymore. The salt water feels great on your skin and is a real refreshment (as long as it doesn't get in your eyes)! I love jumping over the waves or letting myself drift with the waves. However, I'm a bit of a scaredy cat and don't like to go into the ocean if there are too many or too strong waves. One place where the sea is really pleasant is Jesolo. Jesolo is outside of Venice in Italy and I must say it is really beautiful there. The ocean there is almost completely calm. Sure, there are waves. But all such small, cute waves. And the water is warm. That's the best thing. 

It's not as warm as it is in the indoor pool. But that's obvious, it's nature. It's not cold either. The water is really pleasant. How can I best explain it? Lukewarm water that has cooled down a bit. Can you imagine it, hahah?! So... I'm not so good when it comes to describing something. But I'm sure you can do it better than me. 

The mermaid leggings from Sun Tail are of course available in many different sizes. From the smallest to the largest mermaids. I'm adding a button below that will take you to our nice size chart. Find your size there and get yourself one of our mermaid leggings from Sun Tail. From the smallest adult size, JS, the leggings are a little different. Looks and feels are the same, don't worry. The material is also the same. Since the JS is already for teens or just, young adults, it has a slightly higher waistband at the hip. I once wore such leggings. So I fit into a JS. If you want to go by my height, go ahead. I'm 5'6" (1.65cm)! I know body size isn't the only thing to pay attention to when it comes to clothes. The leggings, I think, look super stylish. Since high-waisted pants are on trend, I love the higher waistband on the leggings. 

The end!! See you soon ;)

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