Our beautiful mermaid jewelry

29.10.2020 08:59
Meerjungfrauen Halskette mit Zirkonia Steinen

Get one of our beautiful mermaid jewelry! Whether it is earrings or a beautiful necklace. With or without mermaid fin. These wonderful pieces of jewelry give you a fully real mermaid feeling! And the best: you can also wear them very well e.g. when you go to a restaurant with fancy clothes...everyone will immediately have an eyecatcher. The perfect piece for everyone. The color-fast scale patterns on the earrings or on most of our necklaces make you look like a real mermaid and shine magically. Our mermaid jewelry is available for every fin color: let's say you own our mermaid fin Lime Rickey. Then get our green earrings or green necklace and complete your look! Besides the chains with the scale patterns we also have chains with silver mermaid pendants. This not only looks good, but also gives you a certain "charm".†

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Mermaid necklace with Zirconia

Mermaid necklace†

Beautified with zirconia stones it gives you real "charm".

Mermaid scale earrings

Mermaid scale earrings

Matching scale pattern for all mermaid fins.

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