Ljubljana - Vodno Mesto Atlantis

The Vodno Mesto Atlantis in Ljubljana (Slovenia) is a large indoor pool with various attractions. There are several slides, a spacious outdoor area, a whirlpool and of course a children's pool. There is also a so-called Spray Park, where you can run through like in a parcour and the water comes from all directions. The Vodno Mesto Atlantis also has a huge shop where you can find a wide range of bathing products. You can also find the beautiful mermaid tails from Sun Tails and products from MJSS. We kindly ask you to ask the sales department first about the existing offer and assortment.


Vodno Mesto Atlantis (BTC d.d.)
Španska Ulica 1
1000 Ljubljana (SI)

+38 61 585 21 00