The beautiful mermaid fin Tiger Queen

23.12.2020 12:00
Mermaid fin Tiger Queen

You probably know them: Our Tiger Queen mermaid fin! In a beautiful shiny red color, the Tiger Queen Mermaid fin is a perfect match for the Christmas season. If you decorate your Christmas tree in red this year, you can also put a matching mermaid fin underneath it! This magical mermaid fin has found its name with the Safari Kings, namely the Tigers! Tiger Queen means translated "Queen of the Tigers". If red is also your favorite color, our Tiger Queen mermaid fin is a perfect match for you. With a color-fast scale pattern the mermaid fin gives you a real mermaid feeling! Many mermaids, especially in warmer places around the world, have a similar mermaid fin color as the Tiger Queen. 

Grab the matching mermaid fin for your red decorated Christmas tree. And that is: The "Tiger Queen"!

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