Mermaids education Swimsports

13.10.2017 09:25

The correct breathing technique, under water, is taught you. In addition we still show you the security, to the mermaids swimming passport, Dos and Don'ts.

Of the education there go 2 days. In the course stay one the bases (BM) are created, in the course stay two the knowledge with exercise variants is deepened and the demo ability is practiced.

After two education days they must graduate 2 x 1 training lesson. In addition you get the necessary information in the course. The documents are to the current course documents

After the education they are enabled to prepare Mermaid swimming lessons, to execute demand-fair and to evaluate. In addition they know answer about the material(equipment) to be used(devoted) and the extended security rules.

They must dispose of one of the following presuppositions:

  • Conclusion, or swimming instructor
  • J+S swimming leader B
  • J+S swimming trainer B
  • Eidg. Specialized identification card swimming teacher

Course information:

  • Course Nr.: 351/18
  • Designation:
  • Course place: Zurich, steward balk
  • Date: 15.04.2018, 03/06/2018
  • Duration (during days): 1 + 1
  • Times: 2 x 8:30 - 17:00 o'clock
  • Expenses: in the course price the course documents are contained, exkl. Journey, accommodation and food.
  • Is considered(Applies) as a continuing education to the areas of Kids 1, Kids 2, Prim, SI
  • The registration takes place directly with

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