Mermaid Courses in Fohrbach in Zollikon

29.08.2019 12:30

The new course dates of the mermaid courses at the indoor swimming pool Fohrbach in Zollikon are online and can be booked again with immediate effect. In October we will start with our swimming school with the mermaid courses. We start our swimming courses in the indoor swimming pool with the mermaid swimming test. With this one must be able to jump into the water and swim a length of 25m without standing out. Because it is important that you can swim well as a participant, because a mermaid equipment is no swimming aid.

The Mermaid starter lessons consist of three parts. At the beginning there is an introduction, safety instructions for the participants and of course also for the accompanying persons. We explain the handling of the monofin and the mermaid costume. Afterwards the main part follows in the water with introductory exercises and first diving attempts. Our instructors will show you how to dress properly and how to get in and out of the water. Together we have a lot of fun and make our first diving attempts, of course in your desired costume. All participants will receive a Mermaid Swimming Pass.

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