Monofin with a neoprene foot pocket - for a safe and comfortable swim!

02.03.2021 10:00

Have you ever seen a monofin with a neoprene foot pocket? In this blog, I introduce it to you and also mention and the advantages it carries! 

The high-quality monofins from Sun Tails for the so-called Mermaiding were specially manufactured with a neoprene foot pocket. In this blog, I will tell you why. I admit...I had such a foot part on myself and must really say, there is nothing better. The neoprene foot pockett is attached very tightly to the monofin and forms a certain "pocket" for the feet. The neoprene foot pocket provides a super stable hold of the feet on the monofin. When I had the foot part on, I was extremely fascinated: The feet sit extremely comfortably, and besides, this neoprene foot pocket also has health benefits. It's hard to believe that such a small thing can bring huge benefits! Ankles, in children and teenagers, are not yet fully formed and can change as with the growth. For exactly this reason, the Sun Tails team thought about how to create a variant of the foot pockets that is also gentle on the ankles. This is how today's monofins with neoprene foot pockets, which are a part of our assortment, came into being. The neoprene foot pockets can be easily exchanged as spare parts! The neoprene foot pockets have at their openings, where the feet come in, additionally small neoprene socks. These are pulled over the ankles and provide extra support when swimming, so that the monofin doesn't slip away in any case. In addition, thanks to the neoprene, irritation between the feet and the monofin can be prevented during swimming. That is, your ankles will be spared from water shocks and thus will not bear any damage. Isn't that fantastic?   

The fact is that the neoprene foot pockets are good for swimming and gentle on the ankles. I mentioned in the first section of this blog that the ankles of children and teenagers are not yet fully formed. The complete shaping of the ankles happens with growth up to the age of 22. That is why it is extremely important to take special care of the ankles. I pay a lot of attention to my health and the complete shaping of my bones. That is why I recommend the monofins with the neoprene foot part from Sun Tails! Since neoprene is a dense but light fitting material, it prevents friction between the ankles and the monofin or even the bottom of the pool when swimming. The fact that the feet sit firmly in the neoprene foot part and do not slip back and forth also has a great advantage. Because, as soon as the feet slip in the foot part, even slight damage can be inflicted. 

So, here are the most important advantages of the monofin and the neoprene foot part of Sun Tails summarized... 


Swimming easy on the joints!

Thanks to the neoprene, the feet sit in a super comfortable foot pocket during swimming. The additional neoprene socks protect your ankles and your joints.


Lightweight but robust monofin

The monofin is built sturdy thanks to the flexible plastic and yet light, so you do not have to devote all your energy to swimming.


Separate neoprene foot pocket for a safe swim

The neoprene foot pocket is a separate pocket for the feet and can be replaced if necessary. The feet sit comfortably and do not slip back and forth.

How to properly put on the monofin is quite simple. When I first put on the monofin, or rather the neoprene foot part, I also had a bit of trouble. It's best to have either everything wet or everything dry. By that I mean when the neoprene is dry and the feet are wet, it gets a little more strenuous. Neoprene is just a really tough and thick material. That's why I try to keep everything wet or dry. The more you have already worn the foot part, the more it adapts to your own foot shape!  

I show you how to attach the neoprene foot pocket optimally to the monofin and then put it on 

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You put the neoprene foot pocket over the upper corner of the fin and tighten the velcro very firmly. So that the foot part does not slip back and forth while swimming! ;)

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In the openings, where your feet come in, you reach in deep with 2 fingers, until you virtually hit the bottom of the foot pocket. Then you can extend to the side as far as you want.

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Voilą, now your monofin fits correctly. When you buy a Sun Tails monofin, you will receive a small manual that explains everything again.

On YouTube I watched a video from Sun Tails comparing the most popular monofins. Sun Tails is the producer of our monofins and also their neoprene foot pocket. Featured on the video are Cameron and Kat, the owners of Sun Tails in Rigby, Idaho, in the United States of America. In this video that I watched, Cameron and Kat compare the monofins and also talk about the foot pockets of the different monofins. The video is english, but even their charming gestures are worth a thousand words. I've embedded the video for you again in this blog. Watch it and make your own picture of these different monofins. Leave a comment on this blog about which monofin you are most impressed with! 

I'll give you a quick summary though: In Cameron and Kat's YouTube video, they compare the most popular monofins on the market. They also point out that if you want to do water sports, including mermaiding, and also have some speed in the water, Sun Tails monofins are the best. Most of the monofins they compare in the video are too thin and lightly built. Sun Tails' monofins, on the other hand, are built with sturdy plastic. You can bend them well, but they are very sturdy. At the edges, the monofins have an additional layer of plastic, which provides more resistance. In the water, the monofin smoothly causes aquadynamic propulsion thanks to its lightness!   

They also talk about the neoprene foot pockets in the video. The other monofins that were compared have foot pockets that are fused to the monofin and make one. One monofin seen in the video has a small shelf for the feet that has a band of rubber in the back for support. The dangerous thing about these monofins is that the feet have no real support. By this I mean that the feet are not fixed in the foot part but slip back and forth. And the second thing is that they can be uncomfortable and hurt over time. This monofin with the rubber band at the back, for example; if the rubber band is too tight, it can quickly come to blisters on the feet. Who doesn't know it: In summer, for example, I love to wear flip-flops. There are those that have an elastic band at the back to precisely prevent the feet from slipping back and forth. When you wear them for a while, you suddenly have to take breaks because your feet hurt. We don't want that to happen! Trust me, I've had blisters and sores on my feet many times for this very reason. With Sun Tails monofins, you can prevent just that and have a pleasant day at the pool or beach. In addition, neoprene is heat insulating and a dense material. It is much used to make suits for divers in the sea. How else did you think, won't they get cold in the deep blue sea? The answer: neoprene! The water doesn't penetrate the neoprene foot part while swimming and your feet stay nice and dry and warm. Whether you swim 10, 20 or 100m. 

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The neoprene foot pockets for the monofins from Sun Tails. The NUNUI neoprene foot pocket is slightly larger than the KEIKI foot pocket, as the matching NUNUI monofin for teenagers and adults is also built larger.

I was and still am impressed about how light the monofins from Sun Tails are despite the super strong plastic. The NUNUI monofin, designed for teenagers and adults with shoe sizes EU 38-43, is super light at only 1070g and well distributed at a size of 58x60x3cm. Its sister, the KEIKI monofin for kids, is almost half the weight of the NUNUI monofin, weighing only 630g and measuring 45x47x3cm, and is slightly smaller. Both monofins from Sun Tails can be worn with or without mermaid costume.  

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What makes Sun Tails monofins so special? 

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Simply said, it is the neoprene foot pocket that sets Sun Tails monofins apart from others. The foot pocket forms a literal pocket for the feet and is attached separately to the monofin. Not like others where the foot pocket forms one with the monofin. Sun Tails neoprene foot pockets are truly separate "pockets" for the feet. It attaches strongly to the monofin using the velcro straps that surround the foot pocket. When the foot pocket is properly tightened, it sits tightly on the monofin and doesn't slide back and forth while swimming. Then you can slip into it already! Note that you reach into the openings for the feet nice and deep and then stretch out to the sides. It is important that you do not pull on these neoprene socks, as mentioned at the beginning. Otherwise, after a while, the foot part can get worn out. Once the feet are in, they sit really comfortably. Thanks to the neoprene socks, which you can also put over the ankles, the feet sit firmly and always stay in the same place even when swimming. With the NUNUI foot part (which is the larger one), you can buy an extra fastening strap if you want to be on the safe side. This is then fastened over the ankle and tightened a bit. But of course, so that it does not hurt. The feet stay warm and dry thanks to the neoprene foot part and no water penetrates.  

I told you pretty much at the beginning of this blog that Sun Tails is located in the USA. USA, or the United States of America, is a country in North America, the northern part of the double continent of America. But you probably know that. Sun Tails is located in Rigby. Rigby is a small town in the state of Idaho in the USA. As you probably know, the USA has a lot of states. To be exact, there are 50. Idaho is located in the northwest of the USA, bordering the capital Washington. So, enough with geography! I've been filling you up with geographic knowledge. I just wanted to tell you where Sun Tails is so you know where we got our awesome monofin. On the map you can see approximately where Rigby is. 

So dear reader, I wrote this blog while wearing one of those high quality monofins and its comfortable foot pocket and thought about what I could share with you about my experience with the neoprene foot pocket. What do we learn from this? Neoprene is not only a dense and heat-insulating material, but it comes with many health benefits, too. So if you are planning to buy a monofin with a good foot pocket or start mermaiding, I recommend this monofin with neoprene foot pocket from Sun Tails; for indirect power transmission! So go ahead, follow the button and get to our assortment of high quality, durable premium monofins. 

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