Mermaid bikini from Sun Tail - for an excellent upcoming summer!

22.11.2021 10:00

Slowly but surely we are on the final sprint of the year 2021! After all, only 1 month and a little is still left. Oh well, let's enjoy this remaining time. How about some relaxing while you join me on this new blog? And since we are in the cold season of the year, I introduce you to something that brings summer back a little bit. The mermaid bikini from Sun Tail. These stylish bikinis enchant with beautifully shimmering colors. If you're looking for a bikini to rock in the summer of 2022, get one of these adorable mermaid bikinis from Sun Tail. 

The mermaid bikini from Sun Tail adapts super to your figure. Its patterns and details resemble those of a real mermaid and give you that feeling too. The amazing mermaid bikini from Sun Tail is made of 80% polyester and 20% elastane, just like our stylish mermaid leggings and mermaid fins. Thanks to this great mix of materials, your skin is able to breathe. Elastane is a fiber that is very breathable. Its name already gives it away... it is very elastic! Thanks to the flexibility and stretch, it is possible for the material to fit and highlight your figure very nicely. In the last blog, about the mermaid leggings from Sun Tail, I tell you about a product that is made of elastane and my experience with it haha ;) You definitely know this product! It is very small, but has a good use.  

The mermaid bikini comes in many different colors. For each of our mermaid fin we have, of course, the matching bikini. You do not want to turn completely into a mermaid? With the mermaid bikini this is possible! No matter if you are on vacation at the beach, at the pool of the hotel or just in the outdoor or indoor pool. You will draw all the attention to yourself. The choice of color is not always easy. Because all of them are beautifully shimmery and have a mega detailed scale pattern that resembles the scales of a real mermaid. When I sometimes see the bikinis in front of me, I also doubt. Psst: My 2 favorites are the purple Bali Blush and the sea blue Blue Lagoon! That's my opinion though. Let's hear your opinion in the comments! 

The bikinis are available in different sizes, too. I'll add the link to the size chart here: Size chart bikini. From the smallest to the largest mermaid the perfect size. A huge advantage is that you can tighten the top of the bikini in the back. By tying in the back, you can adjust the bikini the way you want. Because if the bikini is too tight, then it can start to hurt at the shoulders. We don't want that, do we? Especially when it's warm, you then have such a tight feeling, as if you were in a crowd. From the smallest adult size, JS, it then has push-up in the top. But you can easily remove them and put them back in at 2 openings on the side.

Psst: A little fashion tip from me to the older girls! Wear the top of the mermaid bikini with high-waisted pants (as we say today) and a white blouse, which you then leave open in the front. Then tie the blouse into a knot at the hip. Voila! Chic outfit for a dinner in a restaurant or a walk in the evening. This is such a vintage look. Totally on trend these days. Also with me... hahah. Because of the bikini top peeking out of the front of the white blouse, the whole outfit looks super cool. 

To complete your look, we still have a lot of accessories. How about a scale necklace? We also have scale earrings and scale bracelets. These are super pretty and will give your look that "finish"! Our scaly accessories each have a round pendant with a real looking scale pattern. Thanks to the reflective colors, they shine in the dark and attract all the attention. However, we have many other accessories besides our scaly accessories. We also have swim items that match the mermaid bikini and with which you can complete your mermaid look in the water. 

We recommend washing the bikini by hand after swimming. Or you can wash it in the machine in the lowest gear... 30 degrees. 

Get the mermaid bikini from Sun Tail now in our assortment! Unfortunately, the summer is already gone. But who says you can't go to the indoor pool? You see, you can pretend it's summer even in winter. There is an indoor swimming pool, which I have wanted to tell you for a long time. It's in Basel and it's called Aqua Basilea. It's super cool there. I celebrated my 10th birthday there. No, I think it was my eleventh. However, it's been a while. Soon to be 8 years, to be more precise! Oh, how time flies. Anyway, I went to this Aqua Basilea and it's really nice. Aqua Basilea is huge and very nicely decorated. The pool area is decorated with palm trees and there are countless sun loungers. It makes you feel like you are on vacation! There is a pool where there is even a bar. Isn't that cool? You can buy drinks there and drink in the water... real vacation feeling! There is an indoor area with slides, outside I think there are 2. And in the back of the indoor pool there is an "adventure land". That's just a little area where you can slide down a slide with a floaty tire. The water there then flows a little faster and is supposed to be a river. You can also go without a floaty tire and let yourself float. I went one time without a floaty tire and I have to say it's much cooler! 

Anyway... if I convinced you, go there with your family, enjoy a drink under palm trees and let yourself drift in the river of the "adventure land"! And if you go there, do it right and in style. Get one of the beautiful mermaid bikinis from Sun Tail and be a mermaid in paradise!

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