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Monofin and Mermaid tails are becoming increasingly popular. The elegant swimming style and a feeling of being at one with the water, make the monofin a popular swimming accessories in adults. To feel like a mermaid and weightlessly glide through the water, on the other hand are in children in the foreground. Despite all the fun, should not be disregarded in a mermaid tails and the monofin that this is no buoyancy aids. Safety and protection, especially for children is crucial. Responsible should therefore carry out their supervisory duties, when the little ones have the fins in use.
Why we use Sun Tail monofin?
The monofin for the feet is perfect for swimmers who move well and safe in the water and want erlenen beside the breaststroke and front crawl additional transportation technology. Especially for the dolphin swim This buoyancy aid is often used. For optimal security and protection against injuries of the right seat is crucial. The models KEIKI and NUNUI Sun Tail have a high wearing comfort and guarantee a high mobility in the water. The material of the buoyancy aid contributes to the security and the protection of the limbs. Plastic monofins example, are more flexible than those made of fiberglass or plexiglass from other manufacturers as Magictail.
Next, the material of the buoyancy aid is stable and thick to avoid, for example, injuries or abrasions on the foot. When monofin should total particular attention to the protection of the feet - are respected - especially among children. In a monofin for children of Responsibility should be present during the fitting and tightening and check the fit and comfort Liche. Especially at the instep and heel, the buoyancy aid should be seated properly. Since the monofin claimed mainly the abdominal muscles and back muscles, it is rather to be seen as sports equipment. Children should therefore be trained before using this Buoyancy aid to learn the dolphin swim under the supervision of those responsible.
The mermaid costume is for swimmers!
Many girls dream of gliding as Little Mermaid through the water. For this purpose they want shiny and colorful fins to their idol Arielle to be very close. When choosing a costume, however, some important points are to be observed, so that the security and the protection of children is preserved. It should be remembered also always that a mermaid costume is not a buoyancy aid but an accessory and only floating secure children and adults should wear this.
Unlike a monofin for the feet, the legs is in a mermaid costume completely in the swimming accessory. For optimum comfort swimming and ample support and security while swimming costume must fit perfectly. Otherwise, it could slide down while moving and thus jeopardize the safety of children. Controllers should therefore also always keep their eye on the children as soon as they go into the water with colorful and glittering fins. For a good fit the correct size should be chosen. To determine the size, we advise you to come by our shop for a fitting or attend an introductory course. The costume material should closely conform to the body. Very important when tightening is a soft surface to use and does not get up.
Safety first
When using monofins and mermaid costumes safety and protection is paramount. So both should be seen more as sports equipment and not as a buoyancy aid. Managers must therefore meet especially when buying and using those beautiful swimming accessories of their supervisory functions. The material should be on the legs and on the feet tightly. A good seat provides security. Before swimming, it is advisable to check both the condition of the material, as well as the maintenance. Especially in children. Also a responsible use of the equipment is important: If the equipment and the buoyancy aid handled with care, so is a long fun at these swimming equipment garantiert.Also always use a soft surface when tightening the costume.

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