Part 2 ;)

09.08.2021 10:00

In the last blog I promised you that soon a second part will come out. Now it is time! I have introduced you to only three of our swimming products. Today I'm going to introduce you to the rest. That means you can sit back and listen. I mean read, of course, but you can imagine me talking to you! All you need is a device to accompany me on this blog, a cozy blanket and some popcorn maybe? Haha. So here we go!

Part 2 ;)

Now imagine you're at the beach at the pool. Now you need something to sit on. You reach into your bag and take out a big, beautiful swim towel. How about a mermaid swim towel from MJSS? The next product I'm going to introduce you to is our beautiful swim towel!

The mermaid swim towel from MJSS is huge and round, so that the whole family can sit on it! Of course, our mermaid swim towel also carries our logo on the front and has a mermaid illustrated. There is nothing more wonderful than sitting on a large, soft swim towel at the pool or on the beach. The mermaid swim towel is made of the finest, cuddliest microfiber on the front. Microfiber is a soft material, which is mainly used for the production of light sportswear. A huge advantage is that microfiber dries super fast. The front side is used the most, because you dry yourself with it. So of course, it will get wet. In the time you are in the water, the towel dries again and you can dry yourself with a nice dry towel warmed by the sun. Because there is nothing more stupid than drying yourself with a swim towel that is soaked!  

The back of this wonderful swim towel is made of cotton. A material that we wear every day. Thanks to this wonderful mix of 50% microfiber and 50% cotton, the swim towel can be washed safely in the washing machine. The mermaid swim towel can also be easily folded and stored in a gym bag or in a bag thanks to the silky soft and lightweight material. But this swim towel isn't only meant for the pool or the beach. You can, for example, make a picnic on a beautiful field. You can also use it at home to dry off after showering! So the mermaid swim towel from MJSS is not only ingenious and super qualitative in terms of material, but also very multifunctional. If you take the bath towel on vacation and lay it out on the beach, everyone will be amazed. Not only the mermaid fits the sea, but also the turquoise color and the shells that form a circle around the bath towel. It has a diameter of 160cm! 

Get our mermaid bath towel in the beautiful color turquoise now and see for yourself how beautifully soft and cuddly it is and especially how quickly it dries!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Mermaid swim towel

If you're reading this blog, you probably have a mermaid fin or are thinking about buying one! To put on the mermaid fin, we always recommend a soft surface so that the mermaid costume is not directly exposed to the ground. Either you can put on the mermaid fin on one of your bath towels, or you can opt for our protective mermaid mat. We also recommend placing the protective mat close to the edge of the pool. Or just where you go swimming. The main thing is to be close to the water! 

Protect your precious mermaid costume with the mermaid protective mat!

So... now to the third and last product for today! For example, if you go shopping at Migros and see your big purchase at the checkout, you probably need a carrying bag to take it home with you. It usually happens that you have a stock of carrying bags at home and then you still forget them when you go shopping. Argh, what a pain!

Our mermaids carrying bag could be helpful for you. The mermaid carrying bag has enough space. You can store your mermaid fin in the carrying bag after swimming. Not only that! You can also store other things in it that you take to the pool. For example, you can put your jewelry, sunscreen, mermaid protective mat, various swimming items such as goggles, swimming cap, etc. or even spare clothes inside. Inside, the carrying bag has like 2 sides separated by a fabric like a wall. This is convenient because you can pack for example your wet mermaid fin on one side and your dry spare clothes on the other. There is a button between the straps where you can hold the tote bag. At the pool, you can then close your carrying bag, in case you ever let it out of your sight! 

Order now this practical mermaid carrying bag. Carry it around with you, be it on vacation or at the pool and let all eyes be drawn to you!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Mermaid carrying bag

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