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Even meanwhile, there are two possibilities with it under water to hear music. One variant exists of three parts, namely to the real MP3-Player, a listener and a cable. The Abspielgerät is fastened with this variant to the swimsuit, the trunks or to the volume of the swimming glasses. With the second variant the MP3-Player and the headphone form a unity and a hanger about the head is put which connects both listeners with each other. Mermaids can hear therefore your favourite songs completely simply under water. The bone administration Headset lightly fits under the bathing cap and is so designed to remain in position, also during the diving. In this way the auditory canal remains free. So the mermaids can hear music during the diving.The sound is always perfect, also in loud, overcrowded surroundings.

Our waterproof loudspeaker all excel! Smally and, nevertheless, full power. In addition still waterproofly so that in the water music can be belonged. A simple coupling via Bluetooth with your mobile phone, iPad and more.