The ultimate mermaid backpack from MJSS!

11.10.2021 10:00

The ultimate mermaid backpack from MJSS!

Have you ever heard of a mermaid backpack? It really exists! It looks like a normal gym bag, beautified with our beautiful MJSS logo. If you want to learn more about this super awesome mermaid backpack, stay tuned and follow me through this blog!

There are, of course, several ways you can carry your mermaid fin to the pool. You can carry it in one of our mermaid carring bags or you can switch to a more practical method. And that is with our super stylish mermaid backpack! With the mermaid backpack from MJSS, you can easily take your mermaid fin anywhere... without having to hold anything in your hand. The mermaid backpack is very practical. You just throw it over your shoulders and... you're done!

The mermaid backpack looks like a gym bag. You know it: In school for sports you have such a gym bag with you. Many people also take it to the fitness center. The mermaid backpack is available in a nice cool color. Turquoise! Turquoise is, not of all, but the color of some oceans. In the Maldives, for example. This is a group of islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean. There, the ocean looks the same. But there's also a part of Egypt where the ocean looks like this. Egypt is a bit closer to us than the Maldives ;) 

MJSS mermaid backpack

The ultimate mermaid backpack from MJSS!

Get yourself a mermaid backpack from MJSS and simplify your life ;)

But not only the turquoise color fascinates. Our logo is to be seen large on both sides. The mermaid, which belongs to our logo, fits perfectly to the water... no matter where you take the mermaid backpack. Be it to the pool or to the beach on vacation. All over the backpack you will see beautiful water drops. The water drops symbolize the splashing fun in the water! And also the serenity and tranquility that you should have on vacation. The mermaid backpack is very popular with a mermaid fin purchase, because thanks to the mermaid backpack you can carry around your monofin and mermaid costume by yourself. 

More safety thanks to oval knobs

Our mermaid backpack has a "net pocket" in the front. This net pocket is for holding your monofin. You can either put just your monofin in the net pocket, and then put your mermaid costume in the inside of the backpack. Or you can already put the costume over the monofin and take the mermaid fin with you. Personally, I would recommend the second option. You make your life a little easier because when you are at the beach or in the pool, you can simply put on your mermaid fin and don't have to put the costume over the monofin. So you don't waste any more time and can jump straight into the water. 

This net pocket, which I mentioned in the previous section, can be tied at the top of the mermaid backpack. With two slightly oval knobs, you can easily close your mermaid backpack and be sure that your mermaid fin will arrive intact! You can thread these knobs at the very top of the backpack, almost at the backpack opening, through two silver metal tabs and tadaa... your mermaid fin is already secured in a safe little pocket. Back in the day, our mermaid backpack had real buttons to snap shut instead of the oval ones for threading. We ended up opting for the oval knobs over time. Since you have to thread them, like you would thread a needle, the knobs don't come out as quickly. Okey...the needle thing may have been a bit of a bad example. I'm sure you've experienced it before, for example, when you were doing needlework in school, the thread always fell out of the needle. What a hassle! Back to the oval knobs. After all, if you turn them a bit after threading and they're horizontal, they can't escape. These oval buttons are wonderful. I'm not quite sure what they're called, but I know you come across them more these days...or at least the same system. I have a t-shirt at home that has knobs in the back. With my t-shirt, it works the same way as with the mermaid backpack: in the back, I always have to thread it through two tabs, too. The only difference is that my t-shirt does not have metal tabs, but rubber ones. It certainly wouldn't sit well on the skin if there were metal tabs haha! And instead of big oval knobs like on the mermaid backpack, there are little round knobs on there. These are actually made of metal. You don't feel them, though, because they're attached to the fabric and at the top of the neck. If they were the size of the knobs on the mermaid backpack, it would look a little weird. What do you think?

So... if you already own one of our beautiful mermaid fins, now you know what to get for easy and comfortable transportation. If you already have a mermaid fin in your shopping cart, then get the mermaid backpack to go with it right now. With our mermaid backpack, you can comfortably transport your mermaid fin from A to B on your shoulders without having to carry a bag. Sure, a tote bag is handy too. However, on extremely hot days you don't always feel like carrying things to the pool or beach. Most of the time you already have the bikini on and just want to jump into the water. Thanks to the mermaid backpack you can still take something with you, but don't even notice that you are carrying anything. Not only can you put your mermaid fin in the net pocket of the beautiful mermaid backpack, you can also put your sunscreen and other stuff in the inside of the backpack. Carefully take your mermaid fin out of the net pocket and carry it close to the water. Don't forget to put out our protective mermaid mat to protect your mermaid costume ;)

If you want to know more about our awesome protective mermaid mat, then read my blog part 2 ;), that I wrote for you now. You'll have to scroll down a bit though. This blog is about three of our MJSS swim articles. The protective mat is also one of them.

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