The most beautiful mermaid make-up brushes

17.02.2021 12:00
Mermaid make-up brushes turquoise

Do you know our mermaid makeup brushes? Not yet? Then it's about time! If you like to do your makeup, these brushes are just right. With them you are much faster. Our beautiful mermaid makeup brushes have a cute little fin at the bottom, just like our premium mermaid fins for kids. The brushes feature a bright turquoise-pink or just turquoise scale pattern to give your makeup that extra oomph. The turquoise-pink mermaid makeup brushes come in a set of 10, while the turquoise ones come in a set of 7. A few brushes are rounded, perfect for applying mermaid highlighter or beautifully soft blush. In addition to the mermaid makeup brushes, we also have makeup fishes. Isn't that wonderful? The mermaid makeup fish looks like a fish body, also have a bright scale pattern and don't have a head on top...but a brush attachment. They come in the same two wonderful colors as the mermaid makeup brushes. Get the mermaid makeup brushes now, or even the mermaid makeup fish in turquoise-pink or just turquoise and add some real mermaid magic to your face! 

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