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Melusine explains the protective corners and the tail protection

Melusina and Jana are best friends. But Melusina is a mermaid of the water people who was born with a caudal fin, Jana has feet. Nevertheless, they both love to spend time together. They help each other and Melusina has shown Jana how good it is to wear a monofin. Today, however, Jana came to Melusina very sadly after a practice lesson. She had torn The mermaid tail because she had got stuck on a stone. Melusina smiled a little, she knew the right solution:

"Jana, you need the protective corners Professor Eric designed!" Jana didn't immediately know what Melusina meant, but she listened attentively. "Protective corners are placed between the monofin and the mermaid tail and protect it from eventualities. You can swim with it undisturbed as a mermaid." Melusina knew exactly how much effort Jana had put into it and recommended that she also put on the tail protector on. "The tail protector will give you even more safety when swimming. Thanks to the protective corners and the tail protectors, you can finally prepare yourself better for the competitions that are coming.

That Jana could really use the protective corners, she needed a little instruction. It's a good thing that Professor Eric was around. But she wondered why Melusina knew about it and why she had never heard of it. But no matter, if she wanted to swim as a mermaid, she had to be instructed. She went directly to Professor Eric to pick up the corners and the tail protection. And so she went straight back for a swim after she had put on the protective corners and the tail protectors.