Sirene Queue


Les queues de sirène, les costumes de sirène et les accessoires sont développés par l'équipe MJSS elle-même et produits avec des partenaires sélectionnés. Les monopalmes Keiki et Nunui de Sun Tails peuvent également être utilisés sans costume de sirène et offrent un pur plaisir.

Mermaid Tail Sets Overwiew

Looking for the right mermaid tail? With a mermaid tail set you are currently very trendy. The fun factor is not only guaranteed for children and teenagers. If you are interested in the different variants, then the article provides important information. The sets on offer meet different needs. Choose between the sets Classic, Style, Leggings or Toddlers.


Sets Classic

The "classic" among the mermaid tails worldwide. With these sets, the mermaid costume completely covers the monofin. Be careful with your corners..


Sets Style

New "style" our latest development. With these sets the monofin is visible. The advantage is that the fabric can't get damaged at the corners. 


Sets Leggings

With these sets you have "maximum legroom" when swimming. The cool thing is, the leggings can also be worn in leisure time.

It is also important to think about a mermaid swimming course. With a little time, you can learn to glide through the water like a mermaid within a few hours. With the instructive mermaid swimming course, you can also quickly learn how to swim in a mermaid costume. Give away a mermaid fin set to children or adults or enrich yourself with an experience.