The 3 most frequently asked questions

23.01.2019 15:05

Many customers who visit our online shop do not find all the information at first glance. We will now answer the 3 most frequently asked questions here.

Which is the right fin and costume size?

We say children between 6 - 13 years still need the KEIKI fin (small monofin). The KEIKI Monoflosse goes from the shoe size 30 - 38. The following costume sizes fit to the small fin:

  • Mermaid costume M > EU 128 - 134
  • Mermaid costume L > EU 140 - 152
  • Mermaid costume XL > EU 152 - 164

The physique also plays a very important role. If the size of the child is 134 but a bit stronger and stronger, we still recommend the size L. If the child has the size 134 but is fine and narrow, then we recommend the size M. With the mermaid costume it is very important that the costume does not slip.

The NUNUI fin is bigger and heavier than the KEIKI fin. We usually recommend the NUNUI from the age of 14. Often we have cases where the children are 12 years old, the clothes size is 158 - 164 and the shoes size is 37 - 38. Then the physique plays a very important role, because you have to see if the child can use the big NUNUI fin or the small KEIKI fin. If the child can already wear the adult size XS (36), then the NUNUI fin should not be a problem.

The NUNUI fin goes from shoe size 38 - 46. The following costume sizes fit the large NUNUI fin:

  • Mermaid costume JS > EU 36 - 38
  • Mermaid costume JM > EU 38 - 42
  • Mermaid costume JL > EU 44 – 48

What's all on the set?

If you order the mermaid set, you will receive the monofin and the mermaid costume. The bikini is not included in the set. You can order the bikini separately.

When and where do courses take place?

All mermaid courses can be found on our website. We have 3 different courses (trial lesson, trick lesson, badge course), for all courses we take the material with us. On our website you can also see where we run the courses and on which days. The dates will be announced again and again.

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